Rugby’s Maze

Rugby's MazeRugby’s Maze is the game for today. Guess What?  I thought it would be fun to add some activities for you to do here. This one is very easy. Just get your mom, dad or teacher to print “Rugby’s Maze” on a piece of paper for you. The only other thing you need is a pencil.

Rugby’s Maze

Do you know what Rugby’s Maze is? Well, I’ll tell you. Rugby’s Maze is a kind of puzzle and you have to find your way from the entrance to the exit without crossing over any lines. There are real life mazes too and they are called labyrinths. Sometimes the lines are made out of bushes and you have to find your way out by walking and not using a pencil like you use for Rugby’s Maze.

Rugby’s Maze is a pretty cool one because you start where I am looking at you in my wheelchair. As you take your pencil and try to follow the path, you will see some friends along the way. Maybe you can think about ways to show them kindness. Remember that kindness rules in schools and everyplace else.

When you get to the end, you will see me waiting for you on my beanbag chair in my house. How cool is that? Way cool I think and I bet you do too!

Guess what? If you get your mom or dad or teacher to send me suggestions for other activities, I will put them right here on my site. Please let them know that I don’t share email addresses with anyone. Also if they have other suggestions, I would welcome them. It’s always good to have more than one person or dog help share good ideas. Maybe you have your own suggestions. If you do, just ask an adult to send them to me right here. Rugby (at)

911 Bullies

911Today is September 11, 2015 or as many people say, 911. Grownups have serious memories about what happened on this day in 2001. I wasn’t even born then so I only know what people tell me about it. What I do know is that I am very proud to be an American! My ancestors were from Wales but I was born right here in the good old USA! I feel good every time I look at our flag because I have learned about history and the things that make our country so great!

From what I hear about 911, some people decided to try to hurt us here in our own country and that was pretty scary. The good part is that we are so much more prepared for those kinds of things now. I guess we got much smarter. Just like there are good people, there are also bullies in the world.

Bullies seem to try to hurt people and the victims need to get smarter so that they can take care of themselves better. Lots of times, bullies think that they are smarter and stronger and they think that the rules don’t apply to them. Guess what? They are wrong!

9-11 Bullies

Every time someone helps the victim of a bully and every time a victim stands up to a bully, the bullies lose their strength and that’s a good thing. It is the same with the bullies from 9-11 and the same for other bullies. Even though we are kids, we can do things that will make the world a better place just by being kind and helping out those who need support in our own schools and neighborhoods.


Today is a special day to honor our soldiers because they are doing all they can to support our people and our country so there won’t be another 911. It’s so important to say “thank you” to everyone who helps us in any way. I love to say “thank you.” How about you?