Lonely Kid – How to Help

lonely kidDo you know a lonely kid who needs a friend? Maybe the lonely kid is your kid or maybe the kid is someone else’s kid. It doesn’t matter whose kid it is. What matters is that you do something to help that lonely kid because all kids need friends.

Maybe the kid is different in some way or maybe the kid is new to the school or neighborhood. Maybe the kid has a learning disability. Whatever the reason is that the kid doesn’t have friends, you need to help in some way. Sometimes adults understand things better than kids do so you need to take charge and do something to help the kid.

How to Help a Lonely Kid

There are some easy things you can do. If the kid isn’t your kid, you can suggest that your kid makes friends with the lonely kid. If the kid is a student and you are a teacher, you can do something to get the kid involved with other kids. Like you could break the class into small groups and do it in a way that the lonely kid would be in a group of kids that would be nice. That way it will be easier for the lonely kid to make friends.

If the kid is your kid, you can connect with other parents and invite other kids over to your house so that your kid has a chance to make friends. If the lonely kid is your kid, a great thing to do would be to get the kid a pet to love. I especially like dogs and you can probably guess why. Dogs are amazing friends for kids. A lonely kid won’t be as lonely if the kid has a dog for a best friend. Dogs get what lonely kids are feeling. Dogs just love and love and they make lonely kids feel less lonely.

The most important thing to remember is that you need to do something to help a lonely kid. You will help a lonely kid won’t you?

Bullying: Make It Simple

bullyingWhat is the deal with bullying? I mean really? What is it that give bullies such a charge when they are mean?

Maybe the bullies…

  • Don’t feel empathy and so they can’t understand how bullied kids feel.
  • Think there is some pay off for hurting other kids.
  • Are jealous of other kids.
  • Don’t have to suffer consequences.
  • Haven’t been taught about The Golden Rule.

Whatever the reasons are, something needs to be done to stop them. I think a lot of people make bullying situations too complicated. When that happens, the solution to stopping the bullies gets too complicated. When solutions are too complicated, nobody succeeds.

Who wants complicated? Being nice is simple and so should the way we stop bullying. Since bullies aren’t kind we need to do simple things to stop them. When the bullying situations are explained in simple ways, the solutions can be explained in simple ways that everyone gets. When they get it, they can succeed at stopping the bullies.

Bullying – Make It Simple

If you are a kid:

  • Team up with a kid who is being bullied and ask other kids to join your team. There is strength in numbers.
  • Ask someone specific to team up with you if you are being bullied. Then ask that kid to get others to team up with you.
  • Try not to show your sadness when someone hurts your feelings. Instead you can say something like, “ Does making a comment like that help you feel better about yourself?” And then walk away.

If you are an adult:

  • Pay closer attention to what is happening with the kids around you.
  • Let kids know that bullying will not be tolerated and give appropriate consequences.
  • Be fair and make sure that the consequences apply to everyone. Don’t make excuses. Bullying is bullying.

That’s pretty simple… don’t you think? Kindness is shameless and painless. I would love to have you on the Rugby Jones’ No Bully Zones Team! How about it?

Autism-Spectrum Disorders Landing Jobs

Parents! There is good news for people with autism-specttrum disorders! The number of diagnosed autism-spectrum disorders has increased to about 1% of the population in the United States alone. That means that over three million people have autism-spectrum disorders of some kind.  According to the latest figures that were issued by the Centers for Disease…