Rugby Jones To The Rescue!

One little dog's journey to stop bullying and to spread respect and kindness.


Gold Winner

Special Needs Children’s Book (Ages 7-11)


Gold Winner

Special Needs Children’s Book (Ages 2-6)


Bronze Winner

Special Needs Children’s Book (Ages 7-11)


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The Diary of a Different Dog

Rugby's New Book Now Available At Amazon

Rugby’s latest book teaches us about:

  • Kindness
  • Differences
  • Respect

Now available from Amazon!

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The Grace and Leia Show - Making a Difference for Bullied Kids.

Who Is Rugby Jones, Anyway?

There are several answers to that question depending on who is being asked the question.

Rugby Jones:

I am a “fantasticomundo” and very abled dog even though I have special needs. My body was perfect for a long time but then I had an accident and now I need a wheelchair to get around. I love my wheelchair so much that I gave it a name, “Zoomie.” I love all kinds of kids and want to help them in any way I can! What makes me really special is that I can talk in a way that kids understand. I am there for kids and adults who need me.

I get what it’s like to lose confidence and feel alone when things go wrong. I am very honest and I say exactly what I think so everyone trusts me. I am not afraid to stand up to bullies because I understand them. The reason is that one time a very long time ago I was a bully. I bullied my brother and I am so sorry about that because I know how much I hurt him. I never bullied anyone after that. In fact I learned what it was like to be bullied too because I was bullied and that scared me a lot. So I guess what I’m saying is that I get kids. I get low self-esteem and I get bullying. I get what it’s like to be different and that’s why I teach the importance of accepting the differences in others. Ask me anything and I will tell you what I think. Get ready because what I say might surprise you!

Claudia Broome:

Rugby is my dog, my friend, my teacher and my hero. When I adopted Rugby Jones, he was a happy and exuberant rascal. He explored everywhere and got into everything. Then he had an accident and his hind end became paralyzed.  It was a very sad time for both of us and during that time, we got closer than we had ever been. As I watched Rugby experience life in a wheelchair, I noticed the reaction that everyone had to his antics.  People, especially children were drawn to him and he had a profound effect on them.

Rugby Jones has a Can Do Attitude that goes far beyond what the adult world calls living with a disability. For Rugby, it is all about ability, the ability to live every day fully regardless of any particular circumstance. And because of that he has become an example of the fact that life is what each of us makes it. Rugby Jones offers a convincing message to everyone who reads, listens or watches him make his way through the ups and downs of life. That message is based on love, belief, courage and a positive attitude.

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